Dog Walking

Monday To Friday 10am-3pm
Maintain Your Dog's Routine with Our Recurring Pet Sitting 
  •  Effortless Convenience: Enjoy seamless monthly renewals, eliminating the need for constant scheduling and payments.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Secure discounted rates by booking your pet sitting needs on a monthly basis.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Accommodate your specific time preferences with a small additional fee of $5 /Before 10 am/ After 3 pm Additional $10 / Weekends additional $12
  • Multiple Pet Discounts: Receive reduced rates for each additional dog under your care at just an additional $6 per dog ( as long as they can be walked together ) 
  • Non-Primary Client Pet Fees: For pets not owned by the primary client, an additional fee per visit applies of $10 per visit. 
  • City living - To ensure the smooth arrival and departure of our pet sitters, we kindly request that a designated parking spot be made available. If any parking fees are incurred, these will be added to the client's invoice. In the absence of accessible parking, we regret that we may be unable to provide services

15 minutes ( 2 visits per day minimum )

$15 Per Visit
  • Crafted to provide optimal care for puppies honing their habits, smaller breeds with delicate needs, and senior dogs cherishing their retirement (We are expanding our service area soon, but for now, we are only able to provide pet sitting services to homes within a 5-mile radius.

30 minutes

$24 Per Visit
  • Crafted to accommodate active dogs eager for exercise and puppies enhancing their training, making it an ideal second visit for ongoing learning.

60 minutes

$40 Per Visit
  • Just right for frisky dogs that need lots of exercise and attention. Also a perfect dinner visit for folks that have a long day at work

90 minute adventure

$50 Per Visit
  • Swap your sidewalk stroll for a sniffing safari in a secret park (shhh, it's doggo territory!). We'll whisk your pup away in a comfy chariot for a 45-60 minute tail-wagging bonanza through new sights and smells. Think squirrels scaling trees, butterflies dancing in the breeze, and maybe even a friendly four-legged hello! By the time we get back, your pup will be snoring dreams of squirrels and sunbeams. So, who's ready to explore?